Volta Strategies

A goal without a plan is just a wish

– A. de Saint-Exupéry

Reach your goals with a proven plan.

You know where you want to go, and you see the steps that you need to take.

But if the steps are new to you, you’ll have to learn through trial and error. How do you write emails that inspire referrals? Where exactly do you focus to outrank your competitors on Google?

The process of trial and error feels frustrating because it’s time consuming and expensive with no guarantee of the results that you want. Save yourself the frustration, and hire us to help you make a plan.

When you work with our team, you zip past all of the missteps we had to make over the years. We’ve made many, and we’ve learned every time. Now we have proven marketing plans that consistently deliver results for solar and energy efficiency contractors.


Here’s how to get a plan in three easy steps.

Coaching Call

Most clients start with a coaching call. This is a great way to get clear on your goals. If you set the wrong goals, planning just takes you further in the wrong direction.

The $100 payment for your coaching call counts as a credit towards your plan. To use the credit, just request a plan within thirty days of your call.

Request a Plan

When you’re ready, use the button below to request a plan.

Get Going

It generally takes two weeks to deliver your plan, but more intricate planning may take longer. We’ll schedule a follow up call to review your plan, answer questions, and make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running.



We customize each plan to to meet the goals of our clients. Here are the most common types of plans that our clients choose.


Boost reviews + referrals:  Get templates for emails to ramp up reviews and referrals. The emails form a sequence, which can go out automatically after clients complete projects. The sequence filters out clients who had a regrettable experience and builds towards a limited-time offer for friends and family referred to you.


Get more from your content:  You get a three month content calendar to create bi-weekly content such as email newsletters and blog articles. While the specific strategy will depend on your goals, the general strategy is to help you get the most mileage from your content. Delight your audience with engaging newsletters and use the same content to help your site rank for relevant keywords.


Find where your site is stuck:  Get a detailed report on your best opportunities to improve technical SEO and user experience. Your site may not be ranking because of, for example, issues with indexing or site speed. By addressing these issues, you can expect a measurable lift in rankings and better engagement from the people that visit your site.


Rise up the ranks with laser focus:  We’ll tear through the search rankings for your company and your top three competitors to find the fifteen keywords you should target. You can’t rank highly on Google for every keyword. The key is to find the most relevant keywords that will deliver maximum return for the minimum investment of time and money.


Convert leads + opportunities:  Some people make contact but don’t get estimates; others get estimates but don’t complete projects. Convert leads to estimates and estimates to projects with automated email sequences. This plan includes email templates for two sequences that use limited-time offers to move clients through your sales process.


Our plans come with a money-back guarantee. If the plan falls short of your expectations, let us know within thirty days of getting it, and we’ll refund your payment.

Here’s how the pricing breaks down:

Single Plan

Purchase a single plan for $500.


Save fifteen to twenty percent by combining multiple plans into a package.

Monthly Services

Plans are free when you sign up for monthly services (three-month minimum). 

For example, if you hire our team to increase referrals for you, you would make monthly payments for our services, and you would pay nothing extra for the planning required. If you start with a plan, then hire us for monthly services later, the payment for your plan gets credited back to you after the first three months of service.


Package plans together, so you can save money and go farther faster.

Here’s a snapshot of common packages. For specifics on the plans included, jump to the section: What kinds of plans do you offer?



Everything you need to launch a successful referral program

  • Plans included:   (1) Referrals; and (2) Content Calendar
  • Cost:  $1,000  $850
  • Details:  Get email templates to consistently ask for referrals after projects, then remind clients about your referral program by sending email newsletters that serve and inspire them.


Convert leads to estimates and estimates to projects 

  • Plans included:  (1) Sales Automation; and (2) Content Calendar
  • Cost:  $1,000  $850
  • Details:  Use automated email sequences to increase conversion rates. If clients don’t convert right away, don’t give up. Build trust and stay relevant with bi-weekly emails that deliver valuable content for at least three months. 


Rise up the ranks with a technical audit and focused campaign

  • Plans included:  (1) SEO Audit; (2) Keyword Research; (3) Content Calendar
  • Cost:  $1,500  $1,250
  • Details:  First find where you’re stuck with a technical SEO audit. Then focus your efforts on the keywords that will give you the greatest benefit for the smallest investment, and finally, get detailed breakdown of the pages (including title tags, meta descriptions, headers, and more) that you should create to move up the ranks.


The complete planning package to ramp up your marketing 

  • Plans included:   (1) Sales Automation; (2) Referrals; (3) Content Calendar; (4) SEO Audit; (5) Keyword Research
  • Cost:  $2,500  $2,000
  • Details:  Jump start your marketing with a detailed and comprehensive package of plans.