Volta Strategies

Volta Strategies is a team of smart, mission-driven marketers working hard to help solar and energy efficiency contractors kick ass.

Work with a proven partner.


I get the emails too. Exclusive Solar Leads!  If you’ve purchased leads, you know that few convert. You end up paying too much per project and frustrating your sales team.

It can feel scary when leads get low, but I think it’s wrong for you to waste money on marketing that doesn’t work. I started Volta Strategies to empower solar and energy efficiency contractors. We create scalable marketing systems, like referral programs, that drive cost effective growth over months and years.

How many of your customers aren’t referring you to their friends and family? How many potential customers do you lose to competitors on Google? When you have proven marketing systems, you get by when times are tough and surge ahead when times are good.

I’ve spent almost a decade marketing solar and energy efficiency companies. Over a seven year period, I boosted sales appointments for an energy efficiency contractor by 635% or an average of thirty-six percent every year for seven straight years.

When you work with me and my team, you get a 100% money-back guarantee.

And there are options for almost any budget – If you have a shoestring budget, start with a series of post-project emails asking for reviews and referrals. When you’re ready to grow faster, we’ll roll out a complete package of systems for you to accelerate referrals and rankings.

Most clients get up and running within a month. When you’re ready to make moves, schedule a coaching call or start a project.

Bill Hoelzer

Principal, Volta Strategies