Volta Strategies

Volta Strategies is a team of smart, mission-driven marketers working hard to help solar and energy efficiency contractors kick ass.

Work with a proven partner.

There’s a better way to grow.

Hot Leads Now!!

That’s gross.

If you’ve purchased leads online, you know that few convert. You end up paying a hefty price per project, wasting money and frustrating salespeople.

It’s wrong for you to waste money on marketing that doesn’t deliver. Take charge of your lead generation.

Volta Strategies partners with residential solar and energy efficiency contractors to generate more leads through referrals and digital marketing.

Our services fit almost any budget, from a one hour coaching call to the full roll out of a program for referrals and rankings. Everything comes with a money back guarantee.

Most clients get up and running in a month. When you’re ready to make moves, schedule a coaching call or start a project.