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Pass Apple’s Privacy Test [6 Steps]

Apple’s iOS 14 privacy update empowers people to take control of their data. Companies like Facebook will gather a lot less data moving forward.

If you advertise on Facebook, here’s what the update means for you:

More expensive -Less data means less effective ads on Facebook. You’ll have to spend more to compensate.

Fewer leads -Facebook uses the data to personalize ads. With limited data, your ads will feel less personal, resulting in fewer leads.

But don’t lose heart!

Advertising on Facebook, especially remarketing, still makes sense for most solar and energy efficiency companies.

I recommend hiring a developer on Upwork to make sure your Facebook ad account will pass Apple’s privacy test. Scan through this article to get the lingo and see six steps your developer should take: How Marketers Can Respond to Apple’s iOS 14 Privacy Update

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Bill Hoelzer

Principal, Volta Strategies

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