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Automations 101

Marketing automations are all about using software to automate repetitive marketing tasks.

Let’s start here: What’s the point of using an automation?

Leads become estimates. If someone makes contact but doesn’t complete an estimate after a certain amount of time, you could send them an automated email sequence asking if they’re still interested in an estimate.

Estimates become projects. If someone gets an estimate but doesn’t complete a project within a certain time period, you could send an email sequence asking if they still want to do a project. Anyone who does a project sooner rather than later could get a limited-time offer to make it happen.

Projects become referrals. Anyone who completes a project could get an automated email sequence asking how their project went, and inviting them to share both reviews and referrals.

Each automation starts with a shorter email sequence that builds towards a specific goal like completing a project or referring a friend, but they don’t and there.

After the shorter sequence, the clients should join your newsletter list. This is what’s called a long term nurturing campaign, and it’s honestly where most of the magic happens. More on newsletters next week.

It’s worth reflecting that there’s no best automation out there. What’s best is what works for your team. Start with what you’re already doing, and build on that with the goal of setting things up so that the inputs from your team are either nothing or almost nothing. 

I set up automated email sequences for my largest client so that all they have to do is click one button. For example, when the office manager gets final payment for a project, she opens their CRM and clicks a single button, which starts the email sequence asking for reviews and referrals.

If you’d like a template for the referral email sequence that I recommend for my clients, you can download a copy here: voltastrategies.com/downloads

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Principal, Volta Strategies

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