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Why Don’t More People Give Referrals?

Why do so few customers refer their friends and family?

In my experience, contractors either don’t consistently ask for referrals, or if they do, they ask in a passive way.

It’s typically left up to the salesperson, who asks for a referral at the end of the project. “Hey, if you have friends or family interested in a project, please send them my way.” The client says, “You bet!”

Most of the time, that’s where it ends, but what if the salesperson could say without missing a beat, “Awesome, I’ll follow up with an email.”

In my experience, it’s all about the follow up.

Here’s how to follow up for referrals: Just A-S-K.

  1. Automate: Use marketing automations to get results and control costs.
  2. Send: Send a regular newsletter to build trust and stay relevant.
  3. Keep Going: Expect more from the content that you create.

I’ll break down each of the three steps in the coming weeks.

All the best,


Bill Hoelzer

Principal, Volta Strategies

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