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Motivation + Ability + Trigger

To give referrals, your customers need three things:

  • Motivation
  • Ability
  • Trigger

The Fogg Behavior Model (FBM) predicts that any particular action results from the convergence of motivation and ability with a trigger.

The interesting thing is that they’re all related.

For example, if you offer a great customer experience, you’ll have plenty of clients with the motivation to refer their friends and family. But if you make it challenging or confusing to complete the referral, you won’t see real results.

The talented team at Bodhi breaks down FBM and what it means for solar installers:

Solar Referrals and the Fogg Behavior Model

Fogg Behavior Model for Solar Referrals

Keeping FBM in mind, here’s how I inspire referrals for clients who hire me to manage their email newsletters.

Motivation: An effective newsletter serves your audience with quality content. It builds on a great customer experience by maintaining your trust and relevance.

Ability: Include a link to your referral page at the bottom of each newsletter. This makes giving referrals both easy and convenient.

Trigger: A trigger is typically a conversation with a friend or family member. “How do you like those solar panels?” The newsletters I write don’t trigger referrals per se, but they make sure you’re top of mind when the conversation comes up.

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Principal, Volta Strategies

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