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Just A-S-K

Last week, I introduced the acronym, A-S-K. For referrals: Just A-S-K.

With this approach, you’re starting and continuing conversations with people who already know you and have some level of trust. That’s the main difference between what I’m talking about and what most marketers do. 

Most marketing is outward-looking. You’re connecting with new leads who generally don’t know much about you. That’s OK, but to close the deal, you have to invest a fair amount of time and energy into building trust.

Rather than losing touch with your clients and letting that time and energy go to waste, build on the trust that you already have to improve close rates, referrals, and repeat business.

That’s what Just A-S-K is all about. We’ll get into automations next week.

All the best,


Bill Hoelzer

Principal, Volta Strategies

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Volta Strategies is a marketing partner for solar and energy efficiency contractors. We’re best known for helping our clients grow profitably by doing more business through word-of-mouth rather than buying leads. Every client gets a money back guarantee.

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