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How to Manage Growth

It’s worth checking out Lisa Cohn’s recent article in HeatSpring – “How Can Fast-Moving Solar Companies Adjust to Growth?

From the article:

Weekly Meetings, Tracking Tools, Lessons Learned

To ensure comprehensive and accurate communication between the various functions of the business, the company schedules weekly meetings and has implemented a variety of unique tracking tools. The goal of these efforts is to ensure that team members stay on track with their tasks, understand their priorities and give various stakeholders insight into all the operations of the company.

PREACH. But aside from calling out the tracking tools – Smartsheet and Quickbase – Cohn’s article seems a little light on details.

If you want a deeper dive, I recommend reading or listening to Gino Wickman’s classic, Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business. Wickman lays out a workable set of strategies to set goals and follow through.

He calls it EOS – the Entrepreneurial Operating System. It’s consistent with what Cohn outlines and more practical for anyone who wants to make moves.



Bill Hoelzer

Principal, Volta Strategies

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